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1870 Family Bible belonging to Emily Means Howard Mann (given to her on June 25th 1872 by her husband Samuel F. Mann): New Illustrated Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, together with the Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre. Embellished with over 200 Fine Scripture Illustrations. Published by the National Publishing Company, Ziegler & McCurdy, Jones Brothers & Co., M. A. Parker & Co. 1870, by J. R. Jones, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, District of Columbia


John Martin Edwards born Nov. 19-1899 Milledgeville Ga., husband of Emily Mann Edwards
Mary Anne Edwards was born Sept. 6, 1928, 6 o-clock a.m.-Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA. Dr. C.A. Rushin
Michael Dana Woodman, born Jan. 31, 1948
Patricia Eillen Woodman, born March 19,1949
Cynthia Leigh Smith born July 8, 1952
Samuel F. Mann was born August 6th 1840
Mary S. Mann was born March 17th 1842
Emily A. Mann was born January 25th 1840
Jodie Howard was born April 10th 1859 - 4 P.M.
Willie Howard was born January 4th 1862 - 10 P.M.
John Oliver Mann was born October 3rd 1869 - 9 A.M.
Charles Frederick Mann was born October 20th 1871 - 11:45 P.M.
Joseph A. Howard was born November 9th 183_
Henrietta Howard was born April 13th 1853
Minnie Lane Means was born July 10, 1875
Mary Frances Mann was born Sept 6th 1894 - 11:00 A.M.
Mary Ada Mann was born Decr. 30th 1868
Minnie Zilpha Mann was born Oct 6th 1896 - 6:30 A.M.
Gaines Frederick Mann was born September 16th 1898 at 10:55 P.M. at Savannah, Ga.
Hallie Chovine Mann was born Oct 18th 1898 at 1:50 a.m. at Elko, Ga.
Mary Tate Mann was born June 5th 1900 at 8 A.M. at Birmingham, Ala.
Augusta Davis Mann was born Nov 24, 1901 at 5:30 A.M. at Elko, Ga.
Emily Bivins Mann was born Jany. 10, 1902 at T.A.M. at Nashville, Tenn.
Charles Oliver Mann was born April 23rd (11:30 P.M.) 1905 at Memphis, Tenn.
Margaret Mann was born Oct. 24th 1904
John Martin Edwards, Jr. born 12:20 a.m. Nov. 8, 1924 Atlanta, Ga.
Mary Anne Edwards born Thurs. Apl. 6th 1927 - 6am


Samuel F. Mann and Miss Mary S. Means were married June the 9th 1868 Meansville, Ga.
Samuel F. Mann and Miss Emily A. Howard were married March 3rd 1872 Meansville, Ga.
Joseph A. Howard and Miss Emily Means were married November 5th 1857 Meansville, Ga.
Samuel F. Mann and Miss Henrietta Antoinette Jessut [(?)] were married Decr. 17th 1883 at Hamilton Ga. [This entry is very unclear and I may have not read it correctly]
John Oliver Mann and Miss Minnie Davis were married November 30th 1892 Elko, Ga.
Chas. Frederick Mann and Miss Mary Ada Gaines were married June 16th 1897 Atlanta, Ga.
Miss Emily Bivins Mann and J. Martin Edwards were married Dec. 15, 1922 in Atlanta, Ga. - Dr. S.R. Belk officiating
Joe Norton Buff and Minnie Zilpha Mann were married Jan. 19th 1916 Elko, Ga.
G.F. Mann and Mrs. Annie L. Norris, June 4, 1929
Henry Heard and Hallie Mann were married Oct. 8th 1919 Elko, Ga.
Gaines F. Mann and Miss Ila P. Ellis were married July 28th Atlanta, Ga.
J. Martin Edwards and Miss Emily B. Mann were married Dec. 15th 1922 at 7:15pm - Dr. S.R. Belk officiated


Mary S. Mann died November 4th 1871 at 3 o'clock P.M.
Joseph A. Howard died October the 5th 1868
Emily A. Mann died October the 22nd 1884 at 1:45 P.M.
Minnie Love Mann died July 15, 1906
John Oliver Mann died August 23rd 1912
Samuel F. Mann died July 19th 1920 1:18 pm - Buried at Rose Hill-Macon, GA
Mrs. A.L. Garrett (Sister of Mrs. C.F. Mann) died June 4th 1925 at 8:30 P.M. in Mobile, Alabama
A.A. Gaines died May 12, 1920 in Birmingham, Ala.
Mary Ada Mann died April 8, 1938 6:45 am. Interment - West View - Atlanta, GA
Charles Frederick Mann died Sept. 2, 1945, at Savannah, Ga. 4:45 a.m. recorded by Emily Edwards (daughter) interment at West View Cemetary, Atlanta, Ga.
Minnie Zilpha Mann died 1960 Elko, Ga.
Mazill Buff died 1960 Elko, Ga.


Joe Norton Buff was born June 26th 1896
Elizabeth Buff was born Decr. 1st 1917
Henry Milton Howard was born Aug. 16th 1898
Jannets [?] & Anne Gaines married May ___ 18__
Hiram B. Gaines born Feb 11 1823
Simeon H. " " Dec 20 1824
Wm T. " " Dec 7 1826
Jas. Ralph Gaines born Oct. 29 1830
Nancy Ann " " Sept 7 1828
Thos. Larkin " " July 1 1832
Robt. B. " " Feb 24 1834
Geo. Madison " " May 12 1838
Andrew Jackson " " 11/25/1839
Mary B. " " May 11 1843
Alex Perkins " " May 30 1846
Sara J. A. " " Oct 10 1847
James Gaines died July 1848
A.J. " died May 1871
Jas. R. Gaines died Jan. 2 1896
Nancy Ann Tinsley died Aug. 1915
Mary B. Powell died 1897
Elizabeth Bivins born Dec. 21 1830
Alex Gaines Oct 21st 1920
Sara Elizabeth Gaines died Sept. 1902
_______ A_______ Gaines born Sept. 20 1879
_______ Gaines Means died _____________

Obituaries Found in the Bible

Dr. John O. Mann is dead at Elko GA. - 1912
Elko, Ga., Aug. 24-Dr. John O. Mann died at his home here Friday afternoon after being confined to his bed for more than three months. Although his death was expected, a gloom has been cast over this entire community and in many homes comes a feeling of deepest sadness, for by his untiring efforts to relieve and help suffering humanity he went into the homes of both poor and rich alike. The one true mission of his life as to aid his fellow man.

Dr. Mann came here as a young physician twenty years ago and entered into his chosen profession. By strict attention to his work he soon won not only the confidence of all who knew him but all loved him as a kinsman. He was born and grew to manhood in Barnesville. He is survived by his five daughters, father and brothers.

Dr. J.O. Mann
Dr. J.O. Mann, aged 42 years, and a prominent physician at Elko, Ga., died there last night, after an illness of fifteen weeks' duration. The funeral will occur to morrow (Sunday) morning at 11 o'clock at Perry, Ga., where the interment will be made following the funeral services. Dr. Mann is survived by two children, his parents, mr. and Mrs. S.F. Mann of Macon, also several brothers.

His death will be received in Macon with deepest regret. He had numbers of friends here wheer [sik] he often visited his parents, especially among the professional medical men of this city, who deeply deplore his death. He was a Mason, Woodman of the World, and a member of the Elks lodge in Eldo. Hundreds of friends join his aged parents and other relatives in mourning his death.

Charles O. Mann
Funeral for Charles O. Mann, 70, of 2505 Cove Circle NE will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Oglethorpe Hill, with burial in Westview Cemetery. The Rev. Claude E. Smithmier will officiate.

Mann, a retired department store and former U.S. Customs Service employee, died Wednesday. He was a member of the Chamblee Masonic Lodge No. 444 F&AM.

Surviving are the widow, the former Meta Dobbs; a son, Charles Mann Jr. of Atlanta; sisters, Mary Mann of Atlanta and Mrs. J.M. Edwards of Macon.

Mann: Funeral services for Mr. Charles O. Mann, Sr. will be held Friday, April 23, 1976 at 11 o'clock at Oglethorpe Hill. Rev. Claude E. Smithmier officiating. Interment Westview. With Chamblee Lodge No. 444 F. & A.M. in charge. H.M. Patterson & Son, 4550 Peachtree Rd.


Gaines Frederick Mann, son of Charles Frederick Mann and Mary Ada Gaines (Mother) died 7/17/72 [1972] in Grady Hospital, Atlanta Ga. Interment at Crest Lawn Cemetary, Atlanta Ga.
Full Masonic Rites.

Charles Oliver Mann, 2nd son of Mary Ada Gaines and Charles Frederick Mann died April 23-'76 [1976] at Crawford Long Hospital, interment in West View Cemetary, Plot #60.
A.A. Gaines Dec. 20 1865
" " " married Dec. 18 1895
Sara Bell born Apl. 8, 1871
Mary Ada Gaines born Dec. 30 1868
" " " married Chas. F. Mann June 16 1897
Jas. Roland Gaines born Nov. 2 1870
" " " married May 1893
A.M. Oscar Gaines Apl. 17- 1875 Brother
June 19 1933
May 1905 " " married Miss Elma Houser
Mary Ada Gaines born near Louisville, Ala. Sparrow Place
Mary Ada Gaines died April 8, 1938 in Atlanta, Ga., mother of Gaines, Mary, Emily Mann & Charles

Certificate of Holy Matrimony

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated Between Samuel F. Mann of Zebulon Pike Co. Georgia and Emily A. Howard of Pike County Georgia on 3rd day of March 1872 at Mr. John Means' the brides' father by Thomas J. Barriett Esq.

Family Portraits

J.W. Means, Mrs. Jane Elliott, Benjamin A. Means, Mr. McKenzie [Wm. McKenzie?], Mrs. Sarah Hickson, Mr. Hickson [a tintype photo], Charles Frederick Mann Martin Edwards working at Associated Press as Chief of Bureau in Dallas Texas Mr. & Mrs. S.F. Mann ([S.F. with 2nd wife Emily]), J.J. Howard, John Means of Meansville [a tintype], ?, Mary S. Mann (Mrs. S.F.) - mother of C.F. Mann [a tintype], and Jos. J. Howard [a tintype]

Letter Included

Selma Apl 4, 1945 1944 [written in blue in different handwriting off to the side]
Darling Daught:

An admission that I have gotten to be about the worst letter writer anywhere. I have alibis, yes, but they are not good Excuses.

As the war goes into its beginning of the End freight movements have increased beyond any one's Expectations and has taxed the power and rolling stock of all railroads. If I could accept a few for placing Empties for anxious shippers I could grow rich. The Equipment is not all that is carrying its peak, but the men who work on railroads are also giving all they have in efforts-So I go home in the morning limp & Exhausted, fit only for the bed and in no mood to write letters.

Two years of this 7 nights a week has taken its toll of an old man and I am giving it up May first to accept day work in Savannah where I go to take charge of the Transfer and warehouse of the Mordeaai [?] Transfer Co. owned by Charles Mordeaai [?] (Babys husband]. He has been importuning me by letter telephone & telegraph for 2 months to come to Savannah. The work is to be from 9am to 5 pm Saturday and Sundays off and will get me as much as I Earn here & good as long as I live. All living Expense is provided us as well as a Salary. Will see all of you enroute to Savannah.

Emily did you receive money ________ I sent you for Callies dress?
Love to all of you Papa

[I think this letter was written to Emily Edwards by her father Charles Frederick Mann]

Unidentified Military Service

May 68 - 131 + 1000 L. Capt.
" 72 - 292 + 2000 Capt.
" 77 - 372 + 2000 Capt.
" 79 - 502 + 2000 Maj.
" 81 - 661 + 2000 Maj.
" 83 - 759 + 2000 Lt. Col.
May '89 - 912 + 2000 Lt. Col.
May 90 - 3951 Col.
May 96 - 4330 _ 50000
May 19 ___ - 59616 Maj. Gen.
July 98 8488 + 50000 Brig. Gen.

As of April 2000 this 1870 Bible is currently in the possession of Elaine M. Turk of Macon, Georgia.